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Guatemala’s economy is the tenth most important in Latin America and the first in all of Central America. The largest sector in the Guatemalan economy is agriculture, with Guatemala being the largest cardamom exporter in the world, the fifth largest exporter of sugar and the seventh largest coffee producer. The tourism sector is the second largest generator of foreign currency for the country, the industry is an important branch of the Guatemalan economy, along with the service sector that is becoming increasingly important year after year, thus turning the traditional agriculture-based Guatemalan economy into an economy that is based on the provision of services.

Datacenter Located in Guatemala.

  • Country: Guatemala.

  • 7 AVENIDA. 3 - 74, EDIFICIO 74 2° Piso. OFICINA 201, ZONA 9.

  • Airport: GUA (Aeropuerto Internacional La Aurora)

  • Geographic Risk:

  • Available Carriers: -

Specifications of datacenter

IPV4 (trace) -


Config. N+1

+ 50 Mbps.

Config. N+1

Acceso biométrico. Monitoreo 24x7.

Available in the DC

  • UltraProxy

Additional Services

  • Remote Hands

  • Managed Services

  • 24x7 Monitoring

  • Backup Services

  • IT Consulting

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