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UltraProxy, browse the web as a local

$ 15 /month

UltraProxy its a powerful tool designed for developers and enterprises to run applications for web scrapping, web research, business intelligence, access blocked websites by ISPs and more throught our worldwide POPs. Each node has IP addresses that are recognized by Google and geolocations services as local from each country.


Connection Methods:


Supported authentication method:

  • HTTP Auth basic
  • IP Origin Auth


  • 1 user per ip source (no user/account sharing).
  • Browsing speed may be change dependind the locations and local ISPs.
  • The availability of countries may vary.
  • Our IPs are located in datacenters from each country.


South America

Central America

North America

Global Service

Servers available around the world in 25 locations and 15 countries.

Ultra Fast Setup

Testing accounts available immediately upon sign-up.

Monthly Billing

No hassle in subscription or cancellation.

Top Support

Built by a team of geolocation experts with at least 10 years of experience.

Why IPXON Networks makes all the difference?


    • Public unlimited input bandwidth (Available in North America).
    • Private network unlimited bandwidth.
    • Private and public network ports at 1 Gbps.
    • Private VLAN via public and private network.
    • Geographically redundant DNS.
    • IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility.


  • 24x7 local security.
  • Biometric and proximity access controls.
  • Video surveillance with digital security.
  • Fire extinguishing systems.
  • Biometric and proximity access controls.


  • 24x7 online and telephone support.
  • Centralized ticket support center.
  • Specialized technicians for 24x7 operation in data centers.
  • Advanced problem-solving system.
  • Problem reporting system.


  • Instant scalability.
  • Geographical redundancy.
  • Presence in the main capitals of Latin America.
  • Centralized billing and support.
  • Standardized costs and plans.

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