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IP Telephony

Keep your colleagues always connected whether from a mobile, laptop or IP telephone.

Thanks to the IPXON infrastructure with technology developed by SMARTPBX, access to a world class Central IP / PBX is entirely possible for your company. Increase your teams productivity with integrated high level communications.

Keep your colleagues always connected whether from a mobile, laptop or IP telephone. Dont miss any more calls with intelligent voice menus, preset working hours and the voice-to-mail service, which forwards calls to your agents no matter where they are located or leaves an audio recording in your inbox of the message left by your customer.

Take advantage of our International, Local and Toll-Free (0800) calling service.

SmartPBX enables you to have numbers with area codes from more than 60 countries / 1000 cities and receive calls on your telephone, computer, smartphone or laptop from wherever you are, so that customers around the world only have to pay for a local call to contact your company.


Smart PBX enables you to get rid of the limitations of traditional telephony by distributing your employees or branches anywhere around the world, communicating with them for free and integrating everything into a single communication platform.


Our international calling plans and VoIP outgoing calls eliminate long distance charges and international roaming, achieving significant cost savings of up to 70% in comparison with traditional telephony.


SmartPBX provides a fully adaptable robust solution for any type of business and requirements, we deliver specialized support for customers wanting to integrate the platform into their existing structures (PBX, analog phones, E1 frames, PSTN lines, GSM fleet management) along with advanced requirements.

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Why IPXON Networks makes all the difference?


    • Public unlimited input bandwidth (Available in North America).
    • Private network unlimited bandwidth.
    • Private and public network ports at 1 Gbps.
    • Private VLAN via public and private network.
    • Geographically redundant DNS.
    • IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility.


  • 24x7 local security.
  • Biometric and proximity access controls.
  • Video surveillance with digital security.
  • Fire extinguishing systems.
  • Biometric and proximity access controls.


  • 24x7 online and telephone support.
  • Centralized ticket support center.
  • Specialized technicians for 24x7 operation in data centers.
  • Advanced problem-solving system.
  • Problem reporting system.


  • Instant scalability.
  • Geographical redundancy.
  • Presence in the main capitals of Latin America.
  • Centralized billing and support.
  • Standardized costs and plans.

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